As a group of strong minded lawyers and business professionals, these discussions inevitably generated lively (and often lengthy) debate among the team about approach, content, audience and appeal.

What they also did was focus our minds on the things that make Vannin stand out from the crowd and the funder of choice for so many lawyers and their clients, including:

  • The truly global nature of our offering

We are working in jurisdictions across the world, including Dubai, Paris, London and New York, as well as with law firms and clients throughout the UK

  • The strength and depth of our expertise

We have a team of international lawyers, qualified in a range of jurisdictions, specialising in range of sectors coupled with commercial business leaders with a proven track record

  • The importance of our relationships

Reaching out to our contacts: the clients and lawyers that we work with, seeking their input into articles and the detailed research we are undertaking for Funding in Focus, the importance of these relationships was underlined to us.  In our industry, close working relationships, based on trust and understanding, which we work hard to achieve, are key.

  • Our flexibility and commercial approach

We are frequently asked by clients for innovative solutions to their funding needs, whether it be, for example, to fund a group claim, to only partially fund a claim, to fund a lawyer working on a CFA or to fund case specific matters which, because they are slightly unusual, have meant other funders have been reluctant to consider them. We work with the clients and their lawyers to provide bespoke funding solutions tailored to the specific case at hand.

As a team, we are excited about publication of the first issue of ‘Funding in Focus’, which has been a labour of love over the last few months. We hope, and anticipate, that the magazine will provide a useful insight to lawyers, in-house counsel, financial directors and others into the funding market and the benefits that funding can have both for law firms and their clients.

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Notes to Editors:

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