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The Vannin Approach

As litigation continues to grow and become ever more expensive, top tier law firms and corporate clients are realising the benefits that third party legal finance provides as a risk management tool.

Established in 2010, Vannin is one of the leading legal finance providers servicing this growing global market.

We are known for our strategic and entrepreneurial approach, combining global expertise with local knowledge to deliver tailored funding solutions to meet the needs of our corporate and legal clients around the world.

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Finance for Law Firms

Vannin Capital provides legal finance to law firms around the world, reducing – and often removing – financial risk and enabling them to act much more decisively and strategically.

Legal finance gives our law firm clients greater flexibility when it comes to negotiating fees with claimants. We are flexible throughout the process, providing funding for a single case or a portfolio of cases.

Who We Work With - Law Firms
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Finance for Corporates

Self-funding litigation can have a negative impact for companies, regardless of size.

Litigation funding can immediately improve EBITDA and cashflow, give greater certainty over forecast legal spend and even turn a legal department from a cost centre into a profit centre.

With a sophisticated and entrepreneurial approach to legal finance, Vannin’s solutions and support have assisted companies across the world to reduce or eliminate the cost and risk of litigation.

Our Solution

As the global expert in legal finance, we deliver the highest quality service to our clients and the law firms that represent them. This is reflected in both our rigorous, yet efficient case review process and our ongoing monitoring.

From single case funding, to portfolio finance and enforcement arrangements, we tailor our solutions, working collaboratively with our clients and their advisors towards the successful resolution of high-value commercial litigation and arbitration claims.

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